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Our company has a wide range of machining capabilities from the manufacture of prototypes up to the presswork of high series and mass production. We offer a complete range of services for the supply of pressed metal components: from prototyping, design and in-house tool production to high-quality manufacturing and quality assurance. During the operation of the company, we have gained significant experience with a variety of raw materials and technologies that are commonly used in everyday work. This experience, plus constant communication with our clients ensures that we always provide the best service for our customers. Our experts have earned more than twenty years of manufacturing experience thus we can guarantee a significant cost reduction and growth in quality for our customers.

The decades of our experience in the field of design of sheet metal manufacturing molds and dies is one of the key benefits that our company can provide. The parts and assemlies which have been manufactured in our factory can be found worldwide. Our high added value sheet metal production tools and quality assurance system ensure that all stamping, punching, bending, drawing, deep drawing, progression and other tools meet the high demands of the market.

Die & Mould

The tool manufacturing shop with the state of the art CNC and conventional machines is the guarantee for high quality and efficient production of sheet metal processing tools. We carry out the design even of the most complex part’s tools at a short notice.


The operation of the self-designed and self-manufactured tools is carried out by our presswork shop. The sheet metal parts are manufactured on manual, semi-automatic and automatic bending, shearing, drawing machines as well as multislide and processing centre machines. Our typical products are the various parts of industrial light assemblies, metal latches, parts for agricultural machinery and general machinery manufacturing.

In connection with the presswork activity we have all the sufficient capacity to carry out the assembly and installation of the pressed parts.

Own developed products
Fruit pitting machine

The universal fruit pitting machine with interchangeable adapters and additional components is suitable for pitting of all kind of stone-core fruit undamaged: plum, greengage, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, small sour cherry, mirabolan.

With the optional built-in halving knife the parting of the fruits can be done immediately!

Stoning performance
plum 2.000 kg/h (50 hole tray, with bisecting)
greengage 2.000 kg/h (30 hole tray, with bisecting)
mirabolan 1.800 kg/h (50 hole tray)
cherry 400-700 kg/h (77 hole tray)
sour cherry 1.000 kg/h (77 hole tray)
small sour cherry 1.600 kg/h (108 hole tray)
apricot 2.000 kg/h (17 hole tray, with bisecting)
length 3.020 mm (without vibrating table: 2.800 mm)
width 1.360 mm
height 1.700 mm
mass 1.800 kg
Electrical properties
nominal mains voltage 3/N/PE/230/400 V, 50 Hz
nominal power 3,7 kW
nominal current 8 A
Fruit destalker / stem remover

The fruit stem remover a newly developed machine for the fruit processing industry. This machine is facilitate and expedite the preparation of the fruit before processing.

Suitable for sour cherries and cherries.

performance 500-1.600 kg/h (depending on fruit type)
shredder quantity 40
Electrical properties
power 3 kW
mains voltage 3x400V,N,PE/50Hz
Water supply
connection R3/8″
water consumption 0,5 m3/h
pressure max. 2 bar
length 2.552 mm
width 1.098 mm
height 1.672 mm
mass 388 kg
Other properties
protection IP55/EN 60529
HUSSS bird repeller

The HUSSS pigeon and bird repeller, with corrosion-resistant design is available for: edges, window ledges, etc. of buildings.

The HUSSS bird repeller system protects your buildings’ and monuments’ condition and beauty from birds! The pigeons and other birds settled on window ledges, roof edges can cause major damage to buildings. The contamination can cause serious corrosion deterioration on the facades, severely reduce the beauty of the buildings and building decorations and last but not least may distribute pathogens. Better and more economical to prevent the damage before it occurs. Our company manufactures and distributes two sizes of these products. If required, our company also install it on the site.

height 10 cm 10 cm
width 6,5 cm 16 cm
package 10 running meter 10 running meter
recommended use narrow surfaces, edges wider surfaces, window sills
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