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Fruit pitting machine

The universal fruit pitting machine with interchangeable adapters and additional components is suitable for pitting of all kind of stone-core fruit undamaged: plum, greengage, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, small sour cherry, mirabolan. With the optional built-in halving knife the parting of the fruits can be done immediately!

Stoning performance
plum 2.000 kg/h (50 hole tray, with bisecting)
greengage 2.000 kg/h (30 hole tray, with bisecting)
mirabolan 1.800 kg/h (50 hole tray)
cherry 400-700 kg/h (77 hole tray)
sour cherry 1.000 kg/h (77 hole tray)
small sour cherry 1.600 kg/h (108 hole tray)
apricot 2.000 kg/h (17 hole tray, with bisecting)
length 3.020 mm (without vibrating table: 2.800 mm)
width 1.360 mm
height 1.700 mm
mass 1.800 kg
Electrical properties
nominal mains voltage 3/N/PE/230/400 V, 50 Hz
nominal power 3,7 kW
nominal current 8 A

Fruit destalker / stem remover

The stem remover is a newly developed equipment for the fruit processing industry. This machine is facilitate and expedite the preparation of the fruit before processing. Suitable for sour cherries and cherries.

performance 500-1.600 kg/h (depending on fruit type)
shredder quantity 40
Electrical properties
power 3 kW
mains voltage 3x400V,N,PE/50Hz
Water supply
connection R3/8″
water consumption 0,5 m3/h
pressure max. 2 bar
length 2.552 mm
width 1.098 mm
height 1.672 mm
mass 388 kg
Other properties
protection IP55/EN 60529

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