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Machine and part manufacturing

We undertake the design and manufacture of special purpose, custom machines and parts as well. Over the decades we have developed and manufactured various types of special purpose machines and devices for several industry fields.

Our own developed and manufactured HUSSS pigeon and bird repeller, with corrosion-resistant design is available for: edges, window ledges, etc. of buildings.

The HUSSS bird repeller system protects your buildings’ and monuments’ condition and beauty from birds! The pigeons and other birds settled on window ledges, roof edges can cause major damage to buildings. The contamination can cause serious corrosion deterioration on the facades, severely reduce the beauty of the buildings and building decorations and last but not least may distribute pathogens. Better and more economical to prevent the damage before it occurs. Our company manufactures and distributes two sizes of these products.

  • HUSSS-V height: 10 cm, width: 6,5 cm, package: 10 running meter, Recommended Use: narrow surfaces, edges.
  • HUSSS-W height: 10 cm, width: 16 cm, package: 10 running meter, Recommended Use: wider surfaces, window sills.

If required, our company also install it on the site.

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